The benefits and advantages of using our Rolling Heads

Using our VABS Rolling Heads offers you the most economical and effective method for thread production and other external profile, it’s chipless, faster and cost saving. Beside all these amazing benefits, our rolling heads give the bolts a stronger shape and built, as in the profiling and threading process the grain structure of the material is, unlike cutting, displaced not removed. This process can be readily seen on the micrographs in the bottom, illustrating a thread being rolled vs a thread being cut.

Thread Rolling vs Thread Cutting Illustration

Thread rolling in general provides you with several advantages in comparison with machining: Production time is extremely short, while high thread strength and consistent dimensions are achieved. You also benefit from excellent surface quality and long tool life. All of those advantages combined set the bar for chipless forming.

Top quality rolled threads, like VABS, guarantee you excellent component reliability and durability. You can roll endless threads or short threads in front of or behind a collar. Nearly all materials with a minimum stretch of approx. 5% can be rolled. You can even roll thin-walled pipes with the help of an internal mandrel.

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